Adrien Lastic - Touche L Finger Vibrator

Adrien Lastic - Touche L Finger Vibrator
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Enjoy new horizons of pleasure with Touche, a small but very powerful finger vibrator, with a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Adrien Lastic - Touche L Finger Vibrator"
Enjoy new horizons of pleasure with Touche, a small but very powerful finger vibrator, with a round and wide tip that enables you to easily reach your G-spot.Thanks to the control located in the wrist, we managed to greatly reduce the finger cover, making it more comfortable to use and allowing the tip of the finger to be an all vibration motor. Through the same device, Touche will allow you to choose between 10 vibration modes according to your needs.This wonderful finger vibrator is available on two sizes to fit and perfectly adapt to any type of finger. It will provide you an enhanced stimulation, ideal for foreplay, for the sexual practice in couple or for an individual use.The strap is easily adjustable to all types of wrists, enabling the use of any of boreholes to close the bracelet. The excess of the strap can be introduced through the large borehole, in order to will remain inside and not bother you while using de device.Your body is your treasure, and as such, you need a toy that will help you take care of it. As tempting as a specific zone vibrator can be, we cannot deny how nice it is to have a toy that can be used anywhere, specially where only your hands can reach!Since Touche becomes part of your hand, the positioning of the toy makes its use incredibly easy and pleasant, improving the nipples caresses, the massages, the couple´s game and of course the masturbation, both in couple and alone.Outstanding features:- Reach your clitoris & g-spot easily- 10 Vibration modes - Powerful rechargeable motorGeneral features:- 100% Super soft silicone- Waterproof- Height: 8,9 cm- Body safe materials- Diameter: 2,2 cm- Phthalates free- Ergonomic- Designed and developed in EuropeMotor features:- 1 Powerful motor- USB Rechargeable- 10 vibration Modes- Whisper quiet- Integrated Ion – Lithium battery- Intuitive controls
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