Hello, a powerful clitoral stimulator is ideal to enjoy a very precise pleasure as it allows orgasm in 60 seconds. It was designed exclusively by women and for women and emphasizes the natural shapes of the woman's body. It contains 10 continuous vibration modes. It can also be used in pairs to stimulate different erogenous zones and to experience unique sensations.

Wonderful alone or as a couple
Perfect size to be used comfortably with a low weight.
intuitive operation
With recharge indicator
No porosities and hypoallergenic
Up to two hours of pleasure with a single charge
6 - 8 hours initial charge
Designed in Europe and manufactured in Spain
Rechargeable with infallible magnet system
100% medical grade silicone
100% waterproof

Battery type: polymer lithium battery
Operating time:> 2 hours
Weight 62 grams
Waterproof: 100% IPX7 class
Material: medical silicone + ABS
10 types of vibration
Activities; 182x35x28
Feel the experience of the precision of a motor that exactly stimulates the clitoris.

Contains touch technology; It is only with the touch of the finger that the intensity of the vibration can be conveniently and easily changed as it is the only product on the market that has been developed for an intelligent mode.

Use water-based lubricants for optimum results.

Clean the toy thoroughly with warm water and mild soap before using it for the first time and after each use. The toycleaner of the brand Waterfeel is ideal for the cleaning of erotic toys and for the gentle care of private parts.

It contains a magnetic charger

The box contains a USB cable, a storage bag, a user manual and a charging station.

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